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Keysville, Florida

Carrier Mills, Illinois

Black Star Alva, Ky

Block Coal & Coke Campbell County, Tn

Jackson Piedmont South Carolina


Postcards Whitley County * Williamsburg Kentucky
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Deltiology * Vintage Postcard Collectibles * Antique Postcard Art

Deltiology is the study and collecting of postcards. In 1945, Professor Randall Rhoades, of Ashland, Ohio, first used the word deltiology, which became the accepted word to describe  the study and collecting of picture postcards. 
A deltiologist is a person doing research, study and the  collecting of postcards. A most popular area of postcard collecting is "town views" of actual scenes from a particular town or region. History can be documented by  these town views of buildings, people and local street scenes.

Many collectors of town view postcards start by collecting views of a home town, where they may reside, towns where they may have grew up in or even visited.

Early street view postcards offer insight and a look back at early social and local  history, historical buildings, telegraph, telephone, power lines, streets and roads, early forms of travel and towns which may no longer exist or that have changed significantly over time.

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1905 Laminated Check - Office of The Procter Coal Company * Red Ash, Ky
Pay to the order of Page Woven Wire Fence Co. * Adrian, Michigan
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